The Green Witch - Haven Botanical The Green Witch - Haven Botanical
The Green Witch
Discover the power of natural magic and healing through herbs, flowers, and essential oils in this new guide to green witchcraft.At her core, the green witch is a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer. She embraces the power of nature; she draws energy from the Earth and the Universe; she relies on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the land she lives off of; she uses plants, flowers, oils, and herbs for healing; she calls on nature for guidance; and she respects every living being no matter how small.In The Green Witch, you will learn the way of the green witch, from how to use herbs, plants, and flowers to make potions and oils for everyday healing as well as how crystals, gems, stones, and even twigs can help you find balance within. You’ll discover how to find harmony in Earth’s great elements and connect your soul to every living creature. This guide also contains directions for herbal blends and potions, ritual suggestions, recipes for sacred foods, and information on how to listen to and commune with nature. Embrace the world of the green witch and discover what the power of nature has in store for you.
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Plant Style - Haven Botanical Plant Style - Haven Botanical
Plant Style
Ferns are back in the bathroom, cacti are sitting on plant stands and hoyas are cascading from hangers. Indoor plants are the ultimate indoor accessory. Softening interiors and readily available, they are a stylist’s best friend. However, it’s their power to transform a sterile space into an urban sanctuary that makes them more than just an inanimate prop – all you need to know is how to use them. From the founders of coveted plant-wares studio,Ivy Muse, comes this charming guide on how to turn your home into a jungle-like retreat. With design-savvy tips and expert advice, you’ll learn all there is to know about decorating with plants and botanical styling plus the necessities like light requirements and when to water and feed. From bathroom to boudoir to every room in between, create your very own green oasis with Plant Style. About the AuthorsAs well as being one of the co-founders of botanical wares studio, Ivy Muse, Alana Langan is also a stylist and writer. She regularly collaborates with some of Australia’s leading interiors brands such as TAIT and Cultiver and her work has been published in Elle Decoration UK, Vogue Living, Inside Outand House & Garden. A passionate supporter of local artists, Jacqui Vidal is the founder of the limited edition print gallery Signed & Numbered and co-founder of botanical wares studio, Ivy Muse.
The House Witch - Haven Botanical
The House Witch
Home is a place of refuge, renewal, and creativity, where you begin and end each day. It is also the primary root of your energy and spirituality. The house witch works to honor and strengthen that sacred space, making it as simple, peaceful, and nourishing as possible. She explores and uses the magic of the home. While other spiritual paths often look beyond the home to focus on the natural world, the house witch creates a solid and supportive place to work from - a literal home base. In The House Witch, you'll explore the energies of hearth and home and learn how you can create a spiritual haven for yourself and your loved ones in today's busy world. This guide also contains ritual suggestions, recipes for sacred foods, directions for mixing blends and potions, and more. Where you find shelter and nourishment is an important part of who you are. Embrace the world of the house witch and discover what the power of the home has in store for you. 
The Witch's Book of Self-Care - Haven Botanical
The Witch's Book of Self-Care
Boost your health and healing through the magical power of self-care with The Witch's Book of Self-Care. Inside, you'll explore explore ways to reconnect with yourself and honor your spiritual and emotional health. Call upon the energies of natural objects such as herbs, stones, and the elements to care for yourself spiritually. Discover activities to find balance and recharge, and try meditations designed to help you get in touch with yourself again, spiritually and otherwise.  Let The Witch's Book of Self-Care start you on the journey of taking care of your energy and your health - with the help of magic.   
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The Magpie & the Wardrobe - Haven Botanical The Magpie & the Wardrobe - Haven Botanical
The Magpie & the Wardrobe
Enter the spellbinding world The Magpie & the Wardrobe An indispensable companion to  Folklore, Fairy Tales, Keepsakes, Curiosities, Magic, Lucky Charms, Superstitions & Secret Treasures  Be enraptured, enthralled and entranced by this rare and beautiful book
Plants for the People - Haven Botanical
Plants for the People
Plants are our past. Plants are our future. We are diminished if we can't celebrate plants, properly understand their powers and harness their energy to heal ourselves.  Even with the advances of modern medicine, people are still suffering: low energy and immunity, gut problems, allergies, high stress, bad quality sleep, skin that doesn't glow, inflammation and infections that won't clear up. We are depleted, but here is a handbook of healing.  Plants for the People is an exploration of the plant world through the eyes of a master herbalist, featuring 40 medicinal plants. This is a beginner's guide to using herbs for high vitality and a better sense of wellbeing. With recipes for easy-to-make teas, tinctures, syrups, balms and baths, this book is a modern presentation of an ancient wisdom.   This is plant medicine's time to shine. 
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