Orchid Care Essentials - Haven Botanical
Orchid Care Essentials
Organic Care Essentials is the perfect care package to optimize your orchid plant's health and vitality. Included is a grow concentrate for brilliant blooms, a support mix for strong roots and a protect spray for shiny leaves. Your trio of organic essentials replicate the biodiversity of the forest floor so that your orchid can thrive like it would in nature. Expect longer lasting and larger blooms. more frequent flowering and a tall, lush plant. 
Vintage Indian Lassi Cup - Haven Botanical
Vintage Indian Lassi Cup
Beautiful brass lassi cups, handcrafted in India.  Traditionally used to serve lassi, a yoghurt based drink.  A perfect vessels for flowers and other household items such as pens and incense, or simply a gorgeous piece to add to your collection of treasures. Each cup has an individual patina and engravings and has been hand selected by us. This ensures that your cup is stunning and unique. Approx size 16cm tall.  
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