The Sun Goddess


The Sun Goddess

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Just as with The Goddess gift box, this beautiful offering has been thoughtfully created for the goddess who emodies sun energy and delights in self care rituals. 

Drawing on the warm rays of golden sunshine and spring/summer energy, the most beautiful of products and flowers unite to offer a truly beautiful gift.

Included in The Sun Goddess - a bouquet of incredible roses and seasonal blooms, a bundle of hand rolled pure frankincense incense, a Loco Love Chocolate, a bottle of hand crafted citrine bath salts from Daylesford Apothecary, persian rose oil perfume by fragrance house Lumira, and a piece of citrine crystal to complete this warm, solar inspired gift box

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Lumira's persian rose oil pays homage to the romantic flower with its clean, fresh scent, leaving a lasting impression on the skin.  The damascene rose holds equal parts life and legend in Persia, where Hafez pondered its beauty. This perfume oil brings an air of romance to day or night.

Daylesford Apothecary Citrine Bath Salts are a hand crafted blend of pink himalayan and epsom salts brightly scented with citrine essential oil to lift the mood, calm the body and tap into a higher energetic state of abundance. 

Order before 12pm for same day delivery throughout the Northern Rivers

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